Venezia & Isole Laguna
Element Type Num. GIS DB Other Description Descrizione Attributes
Altars Point, Polyline Altari
Public areas Region 3509 Aree Terra Public areas in Venice island surface
Bell towers Region 107 Campanili code, name
Bridges Region 472 Ponti Ponti.mdb 2 Photos (arc+ramp) #steps, height, span, surface, etc.
Buildings Region 15572 Edificato Venezia Venice buildins ONLY surface, perimeter, height, etc.
Docks Region 1248 Rive Rive.mdb Photo of dock #steps, dimensions, usability, configuration, etc.
Canals Region 182 Rii Rii.mdb photo Venice internal canals ONLY code, name, lenght, surface
Canal segments Region 367 Segmenti Segmenti.mdb Photo code, rii_code, lenght, surface, etc.
Churches Region 142 Chiese Chiese.mdb Photo of facade names, parish, footprint, etc.
Filled-in Canals Region 50 Rii Tera Rii&Government.mdb year, government, lenght, mode
Details Polyline Dettagli more details into the Venice map none
Green areas Region 832 Aree verdi Areas with various vegetations none
Holes Point 3623 Scarichi e danni alle sponde drainage and bank damage n_island, n_hole, sestiere, canals, etc.
Islands Region 126 Isole Venice islands ONLY surface, perimeter
Elevations Point 140463 Punti Quotati CVN Elevation points for Venice island ONLY altitude, code, type
Public Art Point 2897 Arte Pubblica Rizzi_code, civic_number, address, x, y
Roof elevations Point 89565 Quote Tetti Roof elevations for buildings on Venice islands ONLY altitude
Roofs Polyline 11790 Tetti none
Sestieri Region 15 Sestieri Include various islands name, code, surface
Street names Text 4364 Toponimi Venice islands ONLY code, species, street name, sestiere
Steets and Squares Region 3023 Classificazione Viabilità Arranged by street width classification, types, street name, sestiere, etc.
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